From Constantinople to Sweden

Antikt, 29 maj, 2014

Stockholms Auktionsverk has been honoured the task to be in charge of this historical heritage left to the after-world, by Biby Fideikomiss. An outstanding collection, that represents an interesting union between Sweden & the former Ottoman Empire. In their now upcoming Classical Auction of fine arts & antiques, the Biby Estate Collection is a ”must-see” at Stockholms Auktionsverk.

(Picture seen above: ”Juste Au Corps”- Swedish Court Dress for men in red silk, 18th- Century. Sign: Biby. The Swedish Court Dress was introduced by His Majesty King Gustav III of Sweden during the 18th-Century. The Court Dress became very fashionable & continued to stay in court, even after King Gustav III regim. Gustav III has been an important figure for our cultural heritage in Sweden. )

The Biby Estate, has been kept through many generations within the same family & since the last appointed inheritor now has sadly passed away in the year of 2008. The Biby Estate, is now to be divided & the family legacy, a cultural treasure of history is shared through this auction. The family has a strong historical connection to Turkey & many object´s are linked to the Turkish Ottoman Empire. For those of you, who wish to find out more about this extraordinary family history & estate, I recommend you all to get the book Biby- Ett Fideikommiss berättar. Hopefully this book soon will be translated into English as well. The book is planned to be released on the second of June 2014.

(Some of the historical objects from the Biby Estate & from the mansions ”Turkish Room”. Two Rococo chairs of fine quality-work in polished gold with beautiful details , 18th- Century. Long Divan couch with Turkish inspired textile. Scandinavian style meets the exotic Orient in a perfect combination, 19th- century. Vest for men in red, mid 18th-century. Rococo dress , for women -”Robe à la Anglaise”, sign. Biby, 18-th century. In the background hanging on the wall, you can see large oil paintings by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl of King Gustaf II Adolf (1594-1632) & King Karl X Gustav (1622- 1660).)

Anders Zorn – Reflexer (Reflextions), one of the jewels of the Classical Auction

Two lovely ladies from Stockholms Auktionsverk, Anna Hamilton Head of Communications & Curator Sofie Sedvall standing next to Anders Zorn’s masterpiece.

(Oil painting by Joseph Hickel 18th- century, portrait of Josef II of Austria (1741- 90), On the left side you can see a beautiful cabinet of English standard from London)

I adored this Rococo inspired desk clock. Absorbs the true nature of this epoch. Sign Nils Berg Stockholm.

So pretty, 19th-century shoes, from Biby Fideikomiss

Blue & White Tureen, Qianlong period (1736-1795). One of the many pretty objects from this auctions collection of Oriental Ceramics & works of art.

One of two antique mirror scones by Eric Wahlberg. Classic Gustavian details. Statue ”Gustavus Adolphus” by Georg Schweigger, of King Gustav II Adolf by horse. Amazing craftsmanship behind this work.

Lovely combination of interior styles. Portrait of King Karl XV of Sweden & Norway by Gottfrid Virgin (1826- 72)

Lovely decorated entrance

Many interesting & wonderful carpets

After the viewing I went for lunch at my friend Nathalie´s house. Hope you all had a nice day!