Happy Midsummer – Glad Midsommar

Personligt, 21 juni, 2014

Wishing all Swedish readers a Happy Midsummer – Glad Midsommar!

For some reason I couldn’t post earlier. Technical difficulties trying to blogg via cell-phone. Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely time with all your loved ones!

This lady went on her summer holiday & I will miss her terribly! Even though it was raining this Thursday, I had a wonderful time with this sweetie as always. Soaked but happy!

Have a nice celebration & evening!


A visit to Svindersvik

Antikt, 11 juni, 2014

Yesterday I went to visit Svindersvik & had the privilege to have my private & I would also say, exclusive viewing of this hidden Rococo oasis, in the center of Stockholm. My guide & Nordiska Museets expert Leif Henrikson, shared many interesting details about the history & beautiful settings of the different houses on Svindersvik.

(Swedish tile-stove, in a very special rectangular shape & design. )

 Svindersvik has a long history traced back all the way to year of 1721 when the Swedish businessman Claes Grill, became interested of the area. Svindersvik was made to be the family Grill´s country house / mansion during the summers. The architect was no other then one of those who introduced Rococo to Sweden, Carl Hårleman, who also is well-known for his work of The Royal Castle of Stockholm (Stockholms Slott).

(This beautiful fireplace in marble is according to many experts from The Royal Castle of Stockholm. Somehow this fireplace ended up at Svindersvik when they chose to replaced the old ones at the castle)

In 1780 Svindersvik was sold to Charlotte De Geer who designed to build out this extension of the Pavilion- house, seen on the picture above. This was actually all apart of a pretty porch before the De Geer´s took over. Rumour say´s that on this floor King Gustav III danced on some of the many elegant parties that was held on Svindersvik.

(A classic Gustavian interior dream, this guest-room went in the colour of Green)

(The gentleman himself, the first owner of Svindersvik, Claes Grill)

( Pretty silk-fabric)

On our way to the manor- house, I met Henry the gardener. He was going to plant these wonderful red Geraniums (Pelagoner).

Behind the green trees, you find the bay. Svindersvik has many connections in history with shipping.

(A image I found of an old painting of how Svindersvik once looked like )


The walls are hand-painted & custom-made accordingly to what was typical at the time. For example the elements from Asia & exotic influences of nature. Many Pineapples are seen in the interior, probably around the time when this work was made, it was a new fruit recently explored, something unique & exotic. So it therefor became fashionable. Things like this would set trends within society.

The Pineapple, was so new & modern, so the painter did not know that a Pineapple would not be able to grow like this…

The walls of Chinoserie

The colors melts together perfectly. I would not mind to read a book underneath a ”sky” like this…

Overlooking the park. In old times the owners would plant their own vegetables & herbs here. 

What a lovely kitchen, beautiful windows

After my visit I went to have a Cappuccino in Gamla Stan to read more about Svindersvik & write. To find out more about Svindersvik please visit Nordiska Museets website


Thank you Nordiska Museet & Leif Henrikson for an inspirational visit!