Fine Arts & Antiques auction

Inspiration, 23 maj, 2015

( Ephraim Ståhl Stockholm 1794-1820, no. 1074)

Someof my favourites from visit to Stockholms Auktionsverk Classical Auction.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

(No1019 ”le Voyage de l’Amour et du Temps”, inspired by Claude Galle 1759-1815)

( Prince Karl (1748-1818) of Sweden´s chest of drawers. Signed with the Royal stamp on the backside. No.1082)

The always so lovely curator Sofie Bexhed:)

(no.1051 Bonheur de Jour, Nils Dahlin, 1700. I adore this table, love the design)

(Backside of a Beautiful tapestry no.1238) 

The name of this painting by Pehr Hilleström (1732-1818) is called ”Ett fruentimmer och hennes son med gäss”, translated into English as ” A woman and her son with geese”. No. 2092. I found this painting to be very charming somehow.

 The miniature portraits, by Domenico Bossi No.1145. A trend that came from Paris & became very fashionable on it´s time. To carry special portraits of your loved ones or to honor the Royal families was very trendy.